The Secrets of Lost

Sample Chapter

At age 13, I was having trouble with math. Dad hired a guy who worked at the lab with him, 21 year old Ken Brenneke, to tutor me every Tuesday afternoon.  Cool guy. I remember being a bit smitten by Ken! He was a gentleman and ignored that and I talked about everything I could to stray from the subject of mathematics. I intrigued him with my deep interest and involvement with metaphysics.  One day I described to him something I’d seen/experienced many, many times, “there’s a guy…” I described a handsome man, Caucasian, in his young 20s.  “He’s wearing a black leather jacket. He has brown hair. He’s walking along a row of bushes, like along a sidewalk”.  “Oh! Do you know him?” he asked. “No”, I answered, “I AM him”. My eyes locked with his as I waited for an answer.

I was clear on the FACT this young man in my head was me.  -Clear as I am that MY fingers are typing these words. -Crystal clarity.  When you look in a mirror and have no question that the reflection is you – I had the same level of absolute knowingness that this man was ME. Or…I was him!  Both! And I saw him over and over again, I observed him through a portal of some sort. I certainly didn’t understand it and hoped Ken would have an answer for this. All I got was a slight pause as his blonde eyebrows bunched together, then one word, “…Oh!” Knowing that I was counting on him, he added that I should keep investigating to understand it.  I did just that from then to the present. And without me really knowing it, along the way, from then to now, I was being lead on a journey of discovery that ultimately answered the question I was trying to ask Ken. “How could I be him?”  I sensed him to be far away. East coast or even England. He was dressed very trendily. He was present tense. And he is me. How could this be? Asking that and other similar questions along with sharing the answers is part of my life’s purposes.  These pages hold what I’ve learned over the past 40+ years as the information relates directly to the scenes we loved in LOST.

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