“All of our bodies will eventually stop working. Yours. Mine. Every person on the planet right now is facing imminent “transition” from this lifetime. For this pertinent and urgent subject, LOST becomes an incredible tool to learn from. – What happens when our bodies die?”

As a Meta Physician, the author uses this book as a starting point for a discussion within these pages that can bring peace of mind and spiritual realization to enhance our lives, influence our choices and prepare each and every one of us for the greatest adventure any of us will ever experience.

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  • “Your life will be changed forever by this book. Your fear of death will melt away by the time you finish it. Thus emboldened, you can really begin to live!
    Randall Frakes, book author, screen writer, James Cameron collaborator
  • “I loved the book! I love her ‘voice’ when she writes. It was such a good read! I love the ‘Lost’ references! Yes, it makes me want to go watch the series and then read the book again!”
    David Hall, Media Consultant
  • “Extraordinary impact on every page. The exploration of the LOST series is a fascinating thing in itself, but this is just a leap off into a vast place of wisdom.”
    Matthew Strathern

“There is no life after death. Because there is no death. There is only life, after life, after life.”